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Aegean ‎Airlines signs A320neo deal with Airbus

Aegean ‎Airlines signs A320neo deal with Airbus

Aegean ‎Airlines, the greatest carrier in Greece, has marked a notice of comprehension with Airbus to buy 30 A320neo family flying machine. The arrangement involves 20 A320neos and ten A321neos. The carrier will likewise secure a critical number of new A320neo family air ship from renting organizations.

Aegean at present worked an armada of 46 Airbus air ship (37 A320s, eight A321s and one A319). Eftichios Vassilakis, bad habit administrator of Aegean Airlines, expressed: “Aegean’s choice to choose the most recent age Airbus A320neo family takes after an extreme and comprehensive assessment to decide the best air ship for Aegean’s development and long haul achievement.

“These aircraft will be key for us to pursue our mission of providing services of high standards for our passengers on short and medium haul services.”

The A320neo family incorporates the very latest technologies including new generation engines and Sharklets, which together deliver at least 15 per cent fuel savings at delivery and 20 per cent by 2020. With some 6,000 orders received from nearly 100 customers, the A320neo family has captured some 60 per cent share of the market.

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“We are delighted that Aegean, an all Airbus customer, has chosen the bestselling single aisle family, becoming a new operator of the type.

“The commonality these aircraft offer along with lowest operating costs, longest range and a more spacious cabin make the A320neo Family the best choice for growing airlines such as Aegean,” said Eric Schulz, Airbus chief commercial officer.

The A321 is the largest member of the A320 Family and seats between 185 and 240 passengers, depending on cabin configuration.

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