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Brussels Airlines reveals Aerosmurf

September 26, 2017: Brussels Airlines’ fans have chosen to see The Smurfs on the aircraft’s fifth uncommon uniform plane. This choice was taken after a voting time of ten days. The person who outlined it is an Italian understudy Marta Mascellani – victor of the challenge.

Marta’s Smurfs configuration got the most number of votes, in front of the other plan in the running: Art Nouveau/Victor Horta. The Smurfs are one of Belgium’s most adored comic characters and are universally known, so they are certain to be a decent represetative for Belgium. The outline will soon spring up on a Brussels Airlines Airbus A320, which will begin flying around Europe (and even past) as from March 2018. Marta will take after the way toward making the plane in the background, and will be on the main column at the noteworthy occasion and in addition on the plane’s first journey.

The Belgium hail transporter keeps on uncovering new attires displaying Belgian Icons. The fifth famous attire displaying 19 ‘Smurfs’ on Airbus A320, was plan by an Italian Marta Mascellani, who won the challenge out of 1415 submitted thoughts.

The ‘Smurfs’, one of Belgium’s most adored comic characters, an establishment fixated on an anecdotal state of little, blue, human-like animals who live in mushroom-formed houses in the woodland. There are in excess of 100 Smurf characters. The other four Belgian Icons Rackham (Tintin), Magritte, Trident (Red Devils) and Amare (Tomorrowland) are being included in the carriers uniform arrangement.

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Brussels Airlines is a proud ambassador of Belgium and really carries ‘belgitude’ in its heart. Tintin, Magritte, the Belgian Red Devils and Tomorrowland each fly proudly on an Airbus A320 as Belgian Icons. Also on board Brussels Airlines does whatever it takes to immerse her passengers in the Belgian culture: from chocolates, beers and menus made by Belgian Star Chefs to cabin crew uniforms designed by Belgian designers

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