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Five Travel Trends in 2018

Five Travel Trends in 2018

As the finish of the year quick methodologies, tourism players are putting forth travel advancements and travel. Innovation headways give voyagers more alternatives and data get to, whetting their hungers for various encounters. Those needing to think about movement slants in 2018 can check the rundown underneath.

  1. Pop culture pilgrimage
    HBO TV series Game of Thrones’ fans are no longer strangers to Dubrovnik in Croatia as it is one of the filming locations. Meanwhile, fans of Sherlock and The Crown may consider visiting London. Apparently, pop culture pilgrimages will be a trend next year, as TV shows, films, sports and social media become sources of inspiration for travelers. A recent survey  a search engine for accommodation reservations, has revealed that bloggers or YouTubers’ recommendations spark ideas for 39 percent of travelers. Meanwhile, on screen locations from television, film or music videos will influence 36 percent of travelers in the coming year.
  2. Remote luxury
    Nihi Sumba Island Resort (formerly Nihiwatu Resort) in West Sumba regency, East Nusa Tenggara, has been named the World’s Best Hotel by Travel+ Leisuremagazine readers for two consecutive years. The achievement was in line with a report by Jacada Travel’s, a travel company specializing in inspirational journeys, that claims that travelers nowadays look for remote areas and want to be disconnected from routine.

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  3. Live like a local
    Nowadays, travelers opt for the local experience, prompting them to stay in rental homes or apartments. Based on the survey, 25 percent of travelers look for hosts with strong local knowledge about local food and places to visit. Read also: Survey reveals latest trends among millennial travelers.
  4. Group getaway
    reported that 25 percent of respondents said they would prefer to travel with a group of friends in 2018, an increase from 21 percent in 2017. Group getaways have become a consideration, as travelers no longer focus only on the destination but also on people that matter to create memories. Traveling with friends is seen as a social time away from everyday pressures, reducing stress and building connections with friends. Furthermore, group getaways have a financial advantage as they enable travelers to stay in accommodation that they otherwise could not afford when traveling alone.
  5. Walk down memory lane
     claims that travelers will be keen to walk down memory lane by revisiting places from childhood memories in 2018. Revisiting these destinations give an opportunity for travelers to blend the future with the past, as they can explore the previously loved destinations in a whole new way.


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