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Tips to Fly Long Haul

When you’re setting out on a major trek, you don’t need your inflight experience to feel like the “whole deal” of the days of yore. Also, in case you’re flying with Singapore Airlines, a “whole deal” is the exact opposite thing that will ring a bell, given the administrations on offer and the extravagances readily available. Here’s the reason your chance in the sky with Singapore Airlines guarantees a buffet of joys.

  1. Great cabin crew
    A quick search online will tell you which airlines have cabin crew who will do their best to avoid eye contact and which provide service with Jason Bourne levels of training. Pick the latter: they are the gatekeepers of everything on board you might want and need. And they’ll be much nicer to you, which makes everyone happy.
  2. Air sommeliers

    Long flights and a great glass of wine are excellent bedfellows. But which to pick? Which variety will go with your food? Which one will best suit your palate? There are airlines that take wine as seriously as the finest restaurants, so pick one that has experts on board who can help you navigate the menu and make an informed choice.

  3. A good night’s sleep

    There’s a lot more to amuse you at 30,000ft than there used to be but still top of the list on a long journey is a good kip. If your journey is long and requires a stopover, choose an airline with as long a flight as possible. This allows you to enjoy a good meal, watch a great film with a glass of wine in hand, and still get a good night’s sleep.

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  4. Switched-on entertainment

    Believe it or not, it wasn’t until 2001 that the first airline offered individual audio and video inflight entertainment screens to all passengers. And there are still plenty of long-haul airlines with screens hanging from the ceiling every few rows and you’re stuck watching whatever programme is on, unable to pause it to pop to the loo. Avoid those planes. Choose Singapore Airlines.

  5. Lounging around

    A great airline lounge – like Singapore Airlines’ four-tier lounge experience at Changi Airport – can be the difference between a relaxing start to a holiday and an hour-long queue for a disappointing toastie in a crowded airport, particularly after you’ve battled through security. Pick an airline with a relaxing lounge and you’ll never look back.

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