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Tips for Having a Good Flight

Tips for Having a Good Flight

The times of flying the exciting skies appear to be gone for eternity. The seats are littler, the room to breathe is more confined and the aircrafts are charging additional for everything from gear to snacks. Be that as it may, that doesn’t really mean we need to leave ourselves to just persevering air travel. Truth be told, there are a lot of approaches to enhance the experience of movement, regardless of government wellbeing directions and wheezing seatmates.

In this article, we’ll rundown 10 hints for having a decent flight. Keep in mind, the essential objective of each of the things on this rundown is to profit you, the voyager, yet these tips will likewise make the entire in-flight encounter significantly more agreeable and somewhat less insane making. There are even a couple of simple approaches to keep yourself solid, refreshed and engaged amid your flight, which dependably makes for more joyful travel.

  1. Get in Your Seat and Power Down

    When you board the aircraft, find your seat, place your carry-on in the overhead bin (if you didn’t check it at the gate for free) and sit down. Then turn off your cell phone, iPod, portable DVD player, or whatever electronic device you have with you and wait patiently for the announcement from the captain or the flight crew that it’s safe to switch your approved electronic devices back on once again. That announcement is usually made just a few minutes after the plane is in the air.

  2. Bring a Portable DVD Player
    Savvy parents know that kids get bored in the air, even if the flight isn’t a terribly long one. Portable DVD players can be found online and at big-box electronics stores for as little as $100, and they’re definitely worth the price. You know that SpongeBob SquarePants DVD your kid wants to watch over and over — and over? Well, an airplane is the perfect place to let him or her indulge. Just remember to bring headphones for your little travel companion to keep fellow passengers (and you, too) from having to hear that theme song for the 15th time.
  3. Bring Healthy Snacks
    Save yourself some cash, probably some heartburn and even some time on the treadmill by packing your own healthy snacks rather than relying on airport and airline food.

    Simple, cheap snacks can keep you healthy and prevent your blood sugar from dipping too low during a long flight. Crunchy snacks like carrot sticks, celery sticks and whole-wheat crackers are satisfying and require a minimum of fuss to eat in your seat. Granola, nuts and dried fruit are also great choices, but they often have more calories than you might think, so check the labels and serving sizes when you pack these items.

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  4. Check Recent Regulations Before you Leave
    Airline regulations change all the time in this post-Sept. 11 world. One day, your bottle of travel shampoo is fine; the next, it’s confiscated for being over the size limit for carry-on liquids. Laptops used to be fine in the seatback pocket, too, but no more. The rules have changed, and now they need to be stowed under the seat or in the overhead bin when not in use, just like everything else you carry-on with you.

    Save yourself the headache of learning the rules too late by checking the web site of the Transportation Security Administration and the Web site of the airline you’ll be using to travel. The most up-to-date regulations will be there. Make sure to share them with your travel companions, too. It’ll help keep hassles to a minimum.

  5. Check Your Carry-on at the Gate
    This one only works if your bag is already the approved carry-on size. If you reach the gate with your luggage plus one bag and the flight is very full, the attendants will often ask for volunteers to check baggage to free up space in the overhead bins.

    Take this opportunity! They’ll tag your bag, give you a receipt and your bag will be checked through to your destination, even if you have to change planes in the middle of your trip. You’ll have just your purse or laptop bag with you in the cabin, which has everything you need anyway, like headphones and a book or a sleep kit.

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