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Fly Through the Airport This Holiday Season

Indeed, even without awful climate and things expenses, occasion flying is particularly extreme. Here are some imperative principles and updates you should know, and in addition a couple of approaches to keep away from an airplane terminal emergency. Indeed, even without awful climate and stuff charges, occasion flying is particularly extreme. Be that as it may, airplane terminals and the TSA are buckling down (truly!) for your sheltered and smooth travel this season. The TSA site (TSA.gov) and its versatile application (MyTSA) are incredible assets for your inquiries; in the mean time, here are some critical principles and updates you should know, and in addition a couple of approaches to maintain a strategic distance from an air terminal emergency.

  1. Should Old Safety Rules
    Remember the last time you watched your flight attendant explain the seatbelt? Neither do we. But a quick review of these longstanding travel policies can help reduce stress when you are distracted or tired. Liquids The 3-1-1 rule for liquids, gels and the like (3 ounces, 1-quart bag, 1 bag per person) remains in effect for carry-on bags. The bag must be removed from your luggage and placed in a bin. Higher quantities of breast milk and medicines are permitted but may require further inspection. You can also pack excess liquids in your checked bag without worry — like, for example, popular holiday items: cranberry sauce, creamy dips and jellies. If in doubt, check them through or ship ahead of time.
  2. Electronics
    Nearly anything today from a pen to a wristwatch can be a computer or phone. What goes into the bin? According to TSA.gov’s “Can I Bring?” search tool: “Laptops, video game consoles, CPAP machines, DVD players and video cameras that use cassettes require inspection.” Smaller items like iPads, iPhones, cameras and cell phones do not need to be separated, but if in doubt go ahead and put them in.
  3. Shoes
    Must be removed and scanned, except for certain passengers (see below). The security line isn’t a Milan catwalk — wear slip-on shoes if possible, and don’t forget your socks! Also remove or pack all jewelry, belts, hats, and jackets, keys, and any items — even paper tickets and money — from your pockets as these can inhibit the walk-through scanner image.

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  4. Expedited Screenings
    Now available at some 2 dozen domestic airports, the TSA Pre Check program rewards qualified passengers who volunteer information about themselves prior to travel. Perks include separate lanes, retaining shoes and keeping laptops inside carry-ons. (Click here for enrollment information.) Travelers 12 and under now benefit from new procedures that reduce (though not eliminate) patdowns, and also may keep shoes on. Special “Family Lanes” are also available to assist passengers with children, medical equipment or other special needs.
  5. Bag Size
    With more crowded flights, overhead bin space is at a premium. Though you may pass through TSA scanners, that roll-around you’ve carried for 10 years might not meet airline size requirements anymore (such as fitting lengthwise, wheels-out). Size restrictions vary, but be prepared to demonstrate your bag will indeed fit in that little test-cage. If your bag is denied, it will be checked — but on the bright side, for no fee.
  6. Double Your Time
    For holiday travel, we recommend doubling your normal time allowance. This will cushion you against delays, crowds and that guy who wears a rodeo buckle through the security scanner. And with today’s many airport perks — playgrounds, gyms, Wi-Fi hotspots and wine bars — you can actually have some fun with the time left over.
  7. Spots
    Airport gyms and wellness retailers are numerous—and affordable—relaxation spots. :10 Minute Manicure services start at only $15; Xpress Spa offers nearly 40 full-service locations from Orlando to Amsterdam. “Sun salute” in San Francisco-Oakland’s yoga room or boost airborne blood circulation with Chicago O’Hare’s $15 gym day pass (AirportGyms.com has others). Peace and quiet Airport chapels are quiet retreats for anyone (just leave the cell phone off).  See our picks for the best airport perks.
  8. Tidings of Great Joy
    Believe it or not, wrapped gifts are allowed in carry-on bags (but not recommended). You can bring those pumpkin pies through security, but not snowglobes (indeterminate amounts of liquid).


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